Friday, March 8, 2013

Ohm's Law

Hello dear Students!
This lesson will be quick and painless, as this is one of the easiest things to learn: Ohm’s Law! (Or My Law!)
Named after me, Georg Ohm, Ohm’s Law can be rearranged into three different equations:

If you have the original Ohm’s Law (V=IR), you can double the current by taking away half of the resistance. However, if you half the current, you have twice the resistance. All three things, resistance, voltage, and current depend and relate to one another.
The whole purpose of this is to illustrate the relationship between Voltage, Current, and resistance, and tie in how they correlate to one another evenly.
You use Ohm’s Law when you’re trying to solve problems for circuits, or if you’re simply attempting to find how many ohms or how many volts an objects has. Though there is very little information on it except for the basic principle, people consider the “law” I developed as one of the most important tools in electric physics.
I hope you enjoyed my discovery and use it to your advantage one day!

                ~Georg Ohm (and The Scientists)


  1. nice really helped for GCSE revision

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